Friday, June 12, 2009

Aasmaan mein urdne ki chah thi
sabke dilo ko jeetne ki aas thi
manzil thi kissi manzar ko paane ki
dushman zaamne ko sapna pasand nahi aaya
shaadi ke bandhan mein hunko yu daal diya...

Shaadi karke toh aache phase
aaisi rishte mein kaise bandhe gaye
aache the woh heer ranjha..
shaadi se phele aabaad hogaye
warna woh bhi is bandhan mein hote



Shaadi ki dastaan aaisi hoti hai suno....
jaise suraj ki roshini mein taare nazar aate haui..
phoolo ke bageeche mein bandar nazar aate hai
burf ke gole mein angaar nazar aate hai
shaadi karke toh aache aache ko unki nani yaad aa jati hai...

Friday, August 29, 2008


Sehra mein bhi jisse aapka sahara jo mil gaya
Sehan-e-chaman mein jaaise ek phool khil gaya
Raunaq le aayi hai aapki muskaan is mahal mein
Aankhon men ek sapna poora ho gaya hai….

Copyright @

Sakshi Aggarwal


Palkon ko aap apne jhapakna nahin zara
Paairo ko aap zameen par rakhna nahi zara
Khuda ne kya tarasha hai aapko
Isko sambhaal kar aap rakhna zara

Copyright @
Sakshi Aggarwal

Chord Diya

Sahil pe laakar duboya gaya hoon main
Manzil ke aane se phele chorda gaya hoon mein
Aapno ke dil se nikaala gaya hoon mein
Naa janee is bheerd mein gum ho gaya hoon mein

Copyright @
Sakshi Aggarwal


Main akela hi chala tha karwan banta gaya
Muskhil raha par ek saath banta gaya
Dil ke aaine main ek chera banta gaya
Jabse unse ek rishta banta gaya

Copyright @
Sakshi Aggarwal

Raasta .....

Aye aasmaan zara mujhe raastaa dikha de
Naa bhool jaane ka ek waasta dila de
andheri dagar par chalne ka raasta dekha de
Tujhse maine milon iska waasta dila de

Copyright @
Sakshi Aggarwal

Dosti meine ikraar zaroori nahi
Dosti mein chahat zaroori nahi
Dosti woh nagma hai zindagi ka
Jisme duniya ki koi ibabdat zaroori nahi

Copyright @
Sakshi Aggarwal

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Hometown - Delhi

Siya is sitting on the window panel and watching first snowfall of the season. She was getting restless as winters are here and she doesn’t want to spend another winter in New Jersey. She loves New Jersey but winters makes her dull and restless. Snow was falling making everything white which was colorful few moments back and now they all are turning white. There are no leaves on the tree, no roads seen, no human outside, sky turned grey,no birds in the sky, no rabbits running from here to there, no ducks around making noises for their food, no clear skies with patches of clouds where she used to point out faces of tiger, angles and palaces in the clouds but all you can see thick inches of snow. It looks soo beautiful when you see snow falling for the first time but as time passes it turns very grey and gloomy. Though she is very comfortable in her one bedroom apartment which she decorated all by herself. She loves her home and people around.

As Siya was watching she remembers how she came to USA after her marriage. She misses her home, her family thinking of the days she spend shopping all over the place, hanging out with friends on weekends and talking and to be with her family.
Siya hails from Delhi, city to be known as heart of India. She loves her city which is very beautiful and always crowded with people. Delhi has a mystic aura in its air which itself is very captivating. She was becoming nostalgic as she opened her home town album to see all smiling faces which she hasn’t seen over a year.
As she was flipping album pages, she landed on one picture which was captured with her best friend Nitya at Dilli Hatt.

Dilli Hatt is a very popular for shopping. Every month they have a theme and they displayed things as per the theme and city focused. At that time the theme was Delhi and they had displayed all things which we miss to see in Delhi and also to get in Delhi. They had decorated whole place too beautifully that it seems we are in miniature Delhi. There were Red fort and in front was Chandini chowk where to get all kind of things. Chandini Chowk is the hub for bridal shopping and Siya also bought her bridal wear from there. Those small lanes, people are rushing on rickshaws, mini buses, cars are honking to get away from traffic, cows are crossing the roads and not to miss police wallas are roaming with danda in hand. As she remembers the chandini chaowk scene, it brings smile on her face. Though it is very tedious task to go there but once you are there and are done with your shopping, at the end of the day you are content. You cannot miss jalebi walli gali and Haldirams shop.
As she and Nitya was moving they came across Miniture of India Gate. Long time ago when Siya was in school she participated in Republic Day (26th January) which was not an easy performance. They have to cover the distance between Rashtrapati Bhawan to India gate while performing, where millions of people are watching live on TV and also people sitting there including Prime Minister of India and President.
India Gate looks beautiful at Night when all lights are on and you see children are playing, strollers of Ice cream, cold drinks, pop corn, candies and lots more are there.

The India Gate today also houses the Indian Army's Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Amar Jawan Jyoti.

Going to the section of Historic Momuments of delhi, how can anyone miss Qutub Minar. One of the ancient minaret of the world. It is an example of Indo-Islamic Architecture.
Many Hindi movies were shot in this minar but few years back, there was tragedy because of which it is closed for tourist to go inside.

There were many small miniatures of Temples of Delhi, which included Chatarpur, Akshardhaam, Hanuman Temple, Sai Baba, Iskcon, lakshmi Narayan.
One of the temple which is in the shape of Lotus is known as Lotus Temple and it is the attraction of tourists.

As Siya and Nitya was going through the passage of Delhi, how can you miss section of shopping. Karol Bagh, Rajori Garden, South Extension, Lajpat Nagar, sarojini Nagar, Greater kailash, all shopkeep from these areas displayed their products and also very well amongst NRI’s.
As Siya went to the road of memories of Delhi, she remembers the taste of Delhi, roadside hawkers of chat papri, bhel puri where while coming home from college she used to buy Rs.5/- per plate.

Fragrance of flowers fill the air when suddenly Siya realizes her husband is there and watching her.. tears was flowing from her eyes and he could sense that she was missing her family way back in India. Gently he held her hand and gave her tickets to fly to India for vacation and spend two months with her family.
Siya could not hold back her tears and hugged her husband.

Sakshi Aggarwal

Self Written Poem on Our Forum Creative Castle

There is a forum know as creative castle
Palace of prince and of princess
They discuss about the world and their wishes
Castle is protected and is shielded
From the evils and the devils
What is health and is mission
Here we discuss in cc mansion
Culture of world and so is astro
Come lets see where is bistro
You can eat and you can wine
This the section where we dine
I want to read so is to write
There is a section called hobby live
Lets play games and make some victory
We are in the arena of sports mystery
Some like Hema and some like Nihira
Don’t forget to go in celebrity era
Music is live lyrics are gay
We are in the spectrum ray
Don’t strain your eyes or ears
Once you are in channel gear
So lets come dear and near
We are here in cosmic year
We are happy we are merry
When we are in this CC ferry.

Copyright @

Sakshi Aggarwal

I was again ask to write short poem or shayari on my friends... here it is

Ek ladki hai anjani si
Lagti hai badi pyaari si
Uljhan mein apni rehti hai
Karti hai thodi manmaani si
Taraste hai usko milne ke liye
Tashu bulate hum sab usko yahan

Likhna parna lage usko aacha
Khana bana sabse pyaara
Sawaal karti hai sabse jayeda
Jo hai sabse aachi sabse sachi
Woh hai Nayna humari aachi.

Phirta rehta hai woh yahan wahan
Suljata hai sabki muskilen jahan
Gumshum rehta hai woh har pal
Ban gaya hai raja woh mahal ka kal
Bhujo Kya hai uska naam
Hai who Vijay jisko pukare saara jahan.

Darti nahi hai woh kissi se
Bindaas hai woh hum sab se
Dil ki hai woh bahut masoom
Pyaar karti hai who sabko
Jaya di pukarte hai sab unko.

Chulbula hai hum sab mein
Roshani lata hai is mahal mein
Rakhta hai sabki taza khabar
Bulate the usko azgar
Naam hai uska Deepak reporter

Sakshi Aggarwal

I was ask to write limerick on my friends of forum.. So i tried for the first time...

There was a cook called nayna
Who love to cook only with banana
She filled the pan with salt and pepper
She was confident and merrier
It slipped the banana in the trash
So she cud only eat salt and pepper.

There was a guy called Vijay
Who was attractive and gay
One day he fell in the river
This made him look dirtier
He ran into the woods
Only to find there are wolfs…

Deepak was a happy chum
He has his favorite sham
He went to his friends place
Just to find it is haunted space
His friends played a ghostly trick
This made him sweat in the brick.

There is a girl called Angel
she was very tangle
she went up on the ropes
but slides down in the hopes
to find she went into mews

There was a sweet Jaya
Who went to beauty kaya
To look beautiful and gay
But to find it made her sly

There is a friend called Tashu
Who loves to have marsh mallow
She went to fetch her bhalu one day
And find him eating honey all day
She startled him by her voice
This made him throw on her face

Dia has a vegetable garden
Which looked pretty modern
She called her friends one day
They had bunny all the way
She was calm and fine
Until she find there is no place to dine

This is the girl called nazia
Who loves to eat pashia
She climbed the trees one day
And wobbled down on her way

Life is moving really fast
For our friend chamelikayaar
He went on vacation at the bay
And find him chasing a whale
He was sweating head to toe
Till he manage to see it was row


Sakshi Aggarwal

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Morphing Pics I did long time ago

Sushmita Sen

Antara Mitra

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tassuver mein unko dekha tha
haqeeqat mein milne ki chaha hai
tasvir bana ke baithe hai
najaane jaan usmein kab aayegi...

Sakshi Aggarwal

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

One night @ Train Station

Sanchi was getting restless and again and again she was looking at her watch and then glaring at her husband Sarthak, who was busy drinking and talking to his friends. Sanchi was least interested what other people are doing and talking as she has to catch her last train within 20 mins.
Sanchi and Sarthak got married two years back but it seems with passing years their relationship is facing a distance. Sarthak is a doctor who lives in the New York city and Sanchi who is a software engineer lives in New Jersey. With this distance their marriage seems to fall apart. Sarthak doesn’t like to go to Sanchi’s friends circle and Sanchi doesn’t like to spend time with his friends either.

She cannot, wait more so she went to sarthak and yelled, are you dropping me to train station or shall I take a cab. With this he looked at her and said ok, I’ll drop you to the station.
In the car both were quiet, Sanchi was counting the seconds for the last train to go.. and other side Sarthak receive a call from the hospital, some emergency case has turned up.

By the time Sanchi reached the station, she missed her train by few seconds and next train was in the morning. As she went out to look for Sarthak, he was already gone. He didn’t wait her to see whether she got the train or not.

Sanchi went to the waiting room with a cup of coffee and a magazine.. she was sitting and thinking about the good time spent with sarthak.. life changes drastically in these two years..

Two and a half years back she met Sarthak in the hospital where she fractured her leg while boarding a bus in the Boston. She was under observation for two days and sarthak attended her.
Patient becomes the doctor and doctor becomes the patient in no time and both fall in love and decided to tie a knot.
Both families agreed to this alliance and within six month of their first meet they were one.
Sanchi was busy with her projects and clients and Sarthak’s spend most of his time in the hospitals among patients and medicines. ‘Life is not a bed of roses’, Sanchi understood within two months of their marriage. Both of them tried to spend time in weekends with each other. Sanchi was a very out going person who likes party, dance and drinks; where Sarthak is somber likes to spend time with few of his friends.
In the beginning they used to complain to each other and then it turned into arguments and then fights. From the past six months both of them hardly meets each other as Sanchi project forced her to move New Jersey for an year. Both of them decided they need time for each other and to think where their relationship is going …..

Sanchi was so engrossed in her thought that she did not noticed she’s holding hot coffee which is now cold and tears are falling down from her eye.
A passenger in front of her was staring.. as soon she realizes that she where she is, she excused herself and rushed to the washroom. When she returned she saw that stranger offered her a hot cup of coffee.
She looked bewildered as why he is offering her the hot coffee.. he smiled and said, I know miss you must be thinking why a stranger is offering you this. Don’t be scare, I just wanted to help you. I’m noticing you from the past one hour, how that young man dropped you and you missed your train and you went to look out for him and came back here in the waiting room. I know miss, excuse me, if you are miss or mrs? I don’t know whether he is your husband or boyfriend? What I feel is, you are tensed and If you wanted to talk all my ears are yours. I also missed my last train .. I was in the hospital with my wife all day.. she met with an accident last month, doctors are saying, her survival chances are very less.. but I don’t want to take any chances and leave any stone unturned. Whatever I can do I’ll do. I’ve already lost my daughter who was eighteen years old few years back. Now all I have is my wife.
With this speech sanchi looked at him with a surprise. For the first time she looked at that passenger. He was an elderly guy around mid fifties and his skin was wearing off but still he maintained a different kind of warm smile which prompted sanchi to accept his offering.
He continued with his story…
Now it seems he was lost in his journey of happy thoughts which was hit was a disaster. His wife could not overcome the loss of their daughter and she went into silence. Last month in unconscious state she went out in the city and she was hit by a speeding truck driver. She was admitted in the hospital with broken legs and kidney failure. If they don’t get a donor soon, she may not live long. From the Boston hospital he received a call that they found a donor and for which he is going to the Boston. But seems he has to wait for few hours. When he was talking, Sanchi could feel the impatience in his voice and how he was cloaking his fingers into one another.

With this Sanchi went to his side and put her arms around him and said.. “Don’t worry your wife will be fine, God is there. You can have my number, my husband is doctor in the city hospital, anything needed we will be there” They exchange their numbers and he smiled at her with gratitude. And put his hands on her head and gave her blessings. Their conversation was interrupted with the announced of her train. She just thanked that man and rushed to the city for a cab not for the train.
Sanchi learnt a very important lesson, life is too short for fight and arguments, you should spend as much time with your loved ones as you can because no one know what god has saved for you the very next second.
She went to the hospital to meet Sarthak, when he saw her he was shocked to see her at this hour. He asked her, “what are you doing here?” She just hugged him and whisper I love you and I want to be with you all my life. Later she told him about her night adventure how she missed her train and how she met this old man and rest is a story.
Sanchi decided to complete her project and then move with Sarthak in the city and will plan a family. She will work from home on her project.
After few weeks, she was looking for some old paper where she found a card of that old man. She gave him a call, he recognized her instantly, he was very happy to receive call from her and told her, now his wife is well but still in unconscious state, if she wishes to meet her she can come over and visit her; he will be delighted to see her again.

Sanchi decided to meet that old couple in the coming weekend. She took a bunch of tulips for them; old man was really happy to see her and hugged her. She was shocked to see his wife; she doesn’t even recognize her husband anymore. Just keep on staring at her daughter’s picture.
He then said, “for me to be with her is more important because she loved me unconditionally and I also love her, no matter whether she recognizes me or not but I know her and for me this is more than enough. And I do have a hope, someday she will come into her senses and we will live like old days” and just smile.

Life goes.. never leave hand of your beloved......

Sakshi Aggarwal

Sunday, September 09, 2007


Falsafa yeh zindagi ka hota hai
kabhi hasna kabhi rona hota hai
mushkil mein woh dost jo kaam aaye
woh shaqs bada naseeb wala hota hai....

sakshi aggarwal